Edutainment in Schools with Free Satellite TV


Direct TV, the country's #1 satellite TV provider has come out with a program called Direct TV goes to school (School Choice) through which it offers completely free satellite TV service to qualifying schools all over the country.

Along with local and regular programming, a special programming package called School Choice comes with the service and offers high concentration of family friendly and infotainment programs. This offer is available for accredited public or private educational institutions which offer K - 12 grades only. Universities, community colleges, day care centers or public libraries do not qualify. The school must be housed in a facility zoned as a school building and must limit viewing to a classroom environment. The service is provided by Direct TV exclusively for educational / classroom use and must not be installed in any residential/dormitory/cafeterias/lobby areas or used in publicly accessible areas.

The School and Local Channels packages are offered at no cost (Completely Free) to qualified schools. The number and the Local Channels will vary depending on the geographic location of the school. Eligibility for Local Channels is based on service address within designated market areas.

A free Direct TV Satellite System (Multi-Satellite) for up to three rooms will be provided, including up to three standard receivers (or up to two standard receivers and one Direct TV DVR) and three remote controls. Additional receivers may be purchased at the retailer of your choice. Installation of all receivers will be at the school's expense.

If you are a student please urge your school authorities to install a direct TV system in your campus utilizing this special offer.

If you are a teacher or a school authority you may contact Direct TV toll free @ (888) 330-7827 regarding this unique offer.